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Charge controllers

Solar charge controllers - what do they do?

Photovoltaic modules (solar electric panels) generate a current with a much higher voltage than the battery voltage. If a module is left permanently connected to a battery, the voltage of the system may rise to a level above 15 V. Lead-acid batteries do not tolerate such a high voltage for long periods. A charge controller helps keeping the battery in a fully charged state without allowing an overcharge that might damage the battery.

An MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) controller can sense the maximum power voltage Vpm. For the Aurinco Bluewater and Compact panels this is 18-19V and for Compact+ panels 21V at 25°C/77°F (STC, standard test conditions), both much higher than the battery voltage. The MPPT circuitry allows the solar panel to operate at this most efficient voltage while transforming the higher power into more current (amps) at the battery voltage level.

Some charge controllers may have additional functions, like protecting the battery against deep discharge. A discharged lead-acid battery will rapidly acquire a sulphate deposit on the surface of its inside electrodes, which will diminish the capacity of the battery and its life.

Genasun™ MPPT solar charge controllers

Advanced charge controllers that offer an MPPT high efficiency algorithm that under average conditions can increase the current from a solar panel by 10-20% or more. One model also allows charging 24V batteries without connecting panels in series.

from CAD 71.50

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MidNiteSolar MPPT solar charge controllers

Medium size and large charge controllers that offer MPPT high efficiency algorithms with customer programmable setpoints and a digital display. The 30A "The Kid" model can handle solar, wind and water turbine input simultaneously.

from CAD 438.90

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Aurinco™ Bi3 solar charge controller

This compact charge controller offers bifunctional protection against surcharge as well as deep discharge for small 12 V solar systems with a charge current of max 3 A (Aurinco™ modules up to 48 W). Sealed electronics for marine use.

CAD 20.90

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Flexcharge™ solar charge controllers

Waterproof to IP67, ideal for boats and wet environments,very compact size, fit almost anywhere. All models can be wired for dual separated systems, with the PV7D model this feature is built-in. High efficiency charging, extremely low own power use. Suitable for small and medium-sized 12 V solar systems. The smallest unit (PV7D) handles acharge current of up to 7 A (Aurinco™ modules up to 100 W). larger units handle up to 25 A and expandable beyond.

from CAD 93.50

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EP Solar dual battery solar charge controller with optional remote monitoring panel

Supports a double battery system. Select the optimal charge voltage and algorithm for your type of battery: traditional liquid acid, AGM or sealed gel. Choose priority between battery banks and the PWM algorithm frequency. 10A model supports combined Aurinco panels up to 140W, 20A model up to 280W.

Optional MeTer remote monitor is supplied with 33ft (10 m) Ethernet cable for mounting at a suitable station,. It displays the voltage, amps and amp-hours charged to each battery bank, the output of the solar panel in volts, amps and and amp-hours, charging temperature , charge division between battery banks as well as other information.


CAD 70.40

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